Breitling Aerospace F65062 Mens Quartz Multi Function 41 MM Grey Quarter Dial


Brand: Breitling
Range: Aerospace
Model: F65062
Gender: Mens
Movement: Quartz Multi Function
Case Size: 41 MM
Case Material: Titanium
Bracelet Material: Titanium (Professional)
Dial Colors: Grey Quarter


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Quartz Multi Function

Case Size


Case Material


Dial Colors


14 reviews for Breitling Aerospace F65062 Mens Quartz Multi Function 41 MM Grey Quarter Dial

  1. R. Cleaver

    My boyfriend loves this watch. Very comfortable to wear.

  2. Aaron Sowles

    awesome product I bought

  3. Lawrence R. Wright

    Bought this watch off another site and I can tell you.. this is an absolutely beautiful watch.. there is something about every little detail that is just perfect.. The first luxury watch I’ve ever purchased and it just blows you away.

  4. jeri cohn

    Glad I bought this watch. I have several watches,

  5. Massimo Malaguti

    Looks gorgeous it’s what I expected. Love it!

  6. Jane

    Beautiful watch! Wearing it as I write; recommend!

  7. jessell Bassett

    Had it for 3 months now no need to adjust it yet, so it keeps good time!

  8. stacey kovacs

    Great looking watch that can be worn appropriately for any occasion.

  9. Luis Valentin

    The best thing about this product was the money I saved. And knowing I could return it if I did not like it. Right now so my friend,s wants this. Thank-You.

  10. Edward Bonnici

    This watch is a classic, no one can deny that.

  11. Peter Provencher

    It’s as gorgeous and timeless as it looks in the photos!

  12. Cole Booher

    Gorgeous…was so so pleased, had a ton of compliments for this watches beauty…GREAT BUY!!!

  13. S. Plympton

    Beautiful timepiece! It’s extremely versatile and can be worn for any occasion. It is a bit larger for petite wrists, but it looks like a lovely bracelet.

  14. Brad Lynch

    I love it! So I bought 4!

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